Posted by: Greg Vass | February 8, 2010

The 5 Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLIV

“The 5 Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLIV”
By Marcus Leshock
Writer, SolidLine Media

Like so many football fans across the world, SolidLine Media was glued to the action during Super Bowl XLIV. A big congratulations to the folks down in New Orleans we’ve worked with over the years, a much deserved NFL Championship is finally in your grasp.

Anyways, seeing that we put together commercials and advertisements for a living, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite Super Bowl commercials to air during last night’s game. We ranked them based on entertainment value, but most important, how they met their client’s needs and reinforced their branding message.

OK…too much blabbing. Lets get to the fun….

#5 BEST Commercial: “Fiddling Beaver” followed a Super Bowl tradition. Make a very cute animal do something human, but with positive results. They chose a beaver with a knack for fiddling. He uses to find a job opportunity in the big city, and more opportunities follow from there.

Brand Reinforcement: The advertisement clearly shows the product at work. We see a computer, a job description, and success from using the product.

Entertainment Value: Enough for the whole family. Every demographic will get a chuckle out of such a cute little thing ripping through a fiddle in an exposed hot tub on a limousine – from teenagers to Grandma. The ad is a winner…

#4 BEST Commercial: Dockers “Men Without Pants”

While this might not jump out as a memorable Super Bowl spot, Dockers has successfully created the most buzzed about viral campaign of the Super Bowl. The company is giving away 1,000 pairs of free pants to customers through its website. The result? Dockers-related terms are filling up the trends list on Google. A chorus of men singing about not wearing pants during the Super Bowl is only fanning the flames. So while you may have watched this spot and said, “What’s the big deal,” it’s turned out to be a mighty big deal for khaki pant lovers across America.

#3 BEST Commercial: Hyundai “Brett Favre MVP 2020”

Hyundai chose to do what not too many advertisers did during the game, make a current ad about football. The piece starts with a post-game interview from 2020, with a then 50 year-old Brett Favre accepting another MVP trophy, before deciding whether or not to retire again.

Brand Reinforcement: LOW. People will remember this ad for Favre and his humbling ways of poking fun at himself. Hyundai counters with the “you may not know what will happen in 10 years, but your Hyundai will still be covered” line, but it’s not enough to make people remember the product.

Entertainment Factor: HIGH. Favre is on every football fan’s mind right now, and I especially enjoyed the reporter’s hologram microphone flag and cheesy futuristic trophy. But couple this with the Sears ads, and its time to move on from the Favre retirement jokes. This was a fun farewell…

#2 BEST Commercial: Doritos “Snack Attack Samurai”

Doritos came through with a killer viral campaign, asking up-and-coming filmmakers and advertisers to create spots using their product. The pieces that received the most votes would be aired during the big game. Our favorite was “Snack Attack Samurai,” about a couple of guys at the gym (a good enough joke to begin with) who snack from the wrong bag.

Brand Reinforcement: HIGH. Doritos are on display through nearly the entire spot. One character even wears a costume made from Doritos. A man is even killed with a Dorito in humorous fashion. I can’t think of a commercial that made me remember the brand more, except for maybe our #1 choice.

Entertainment Factor: HIGH. Again, a spot that is full of laughs for everybody. See for yourself…

#1 BEST Commercial: Google’s “Parisian Love”

This is a wonderful advertisment that plays right into Google’s customer base. We follow along as one of its searchers become a study-abroad student, meets a young Parisian woman, falls in love, marries her, and has a child. And we see nothing but shots of their search engine in the process.

Brand Recognition: HIGH. Again, there are no other shots except for images from the search engine in use. And it was one of the few ads that didn’t involve anything negative – watching it makes the audience feels warm inside, the kind of feeling you want people to have when thinking about your product.

Entertainment Factor: HIGH. The spot features a hip, soft score. It moves like an Apple commercial while telling a heartwarming story. It’s an emotional piece that connects with its user base. Easily our favorite advertisement from Super Bowl XLIV…

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  1. Completely agree — the Google commercial was the best.

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